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Ferdinand Rebay: Sonata in E minor
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Author: Ferdinand Rebay
Scored for: Violin and guitar
Structure: Score and parts
Edited by: Gonzalo Noqué

Rebay’s violin and guitar sonatas occupy a special place in Rebay’s extensive production on account of their innate quality, establishing expansive, lyrical, refined and rounded dialogues between both instruments. This sonata opens with a passionate, brilliant, gypsy-like movement. The second movement is a set of variations on a folk tune from the Austrian region of Carinthia. The third-movement minuet clearly draws on the corresponding movement in the E minor Sonata for oboe and guitar of 1925, and the sonata ends with a broad rondo-sonata which returns to the demonstrative energy of the first movement.

This new edition is based on three manuscripts, on the hand of Gertha Hammerschmied, Fritz Czernuschka and Carl Dobrauz, and housed in the Rebay Collection from the Austrian National Library, the Moravian Museum and the Wienbibliothek respectively.

This sonata is also included in Violin and Guitar Sonatas

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Size: 21x29 cm.
Pages: 47; 16+20
ISMN: 979-0-805401-06-5
Catalog nr: EE1605